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Beef Share


Each share is 1/15 of a side of beef. In the share, you’ll get prime, secondary, roasting, and braising cuts as well as ground beef, fresh sausage and beef stock.

Each beef share is 1/15 of a side of beef. You’ll get a combination of prime, secondary steaks, roasting cuts, braising cuts, ground beef, fresh sausage, and beef stock. Our beef is locally raised, always raised without hormones or antibiotics, and aged a minimum of 21 days.

Each share includes:

  • 8 Barese Sausage, packed in 4’s (1lb each pack)*
  • 6 Beef Burgers, packed in 2’s (170g ea.)*
  • 2 1L containers Beef Stock*
  • 1 500ml of Beef Tallow
  • 4 packs of ground beef (1lb ea.)
  • 2 Ribeye or Striploin (340g ea.) or Tenderloin (250g ea.)
  • 3 Flank, or Bavette, or Clodhammer (200g-350g ea.)
  • 1 Round roast (2-3lbs) 1
  • Braising Cut, Osso Bucco, or Short Rib, or Boneless Blade, or Brisket. (Weights vary depending on the cut)

*Ships frozen to protect the quality and integrity of the product.

*Our burgers are unseasoned and contain no fillers. Season with salt and pepper to taste while cooking.

*All burgers are made fresh weekly and frozen immediately to maintain colour and shape.

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