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Welcome to the FAQ. Here you can find answers to anything and everything about our site or us. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, contact us.

Q: What is West Side Beef?
A: West Side Beef is a neighbourhood butcher shop that you shop at from the comfort of your own home or on the go. We deliver locally and ethically raised meats fresh right to your door.

Q: Does your meat contain antibiotics, hormones, or GMOs?
A: No. All of our animals are raised by local farmers without the use of antibiotics, hormones, and are not genetically modified. They live out a full and happy life on the pasture.

Q: How do I place an order?
A: Simply add the desired items to your cart, checkout, and start planning what you are going to make.

Q: I have placed my order, when will I receive my delivery?
A: Our order window is from 12:00am Monday morning until 11:59 Sunday night. All orders and subscription renewals occurring through that time will be delivered the following Friday between 10am – 6pm.

Q: My subscription renewed this week but I did not receive my delivery. When is it coming?
A: All subscription renewals follow the same order window as all other orders. Our order window is from 12:00am Monday morning until 11:59 Sunday night. All orders and subscription renewals occurring through that time will be delivered the following Friday between 10am – 6pm.

Q: I placed my order on Monday but I have to wait until the next Friday to receive it? Why?
A: At West Side Beef, we only buy, process, package, and ship what we need fresh each week. We believe that this is the best way to receive your meat. It prevents us from over processing animals and creating unnecessary waste and you don’t have to worry about how long something has already been in a freezer before you receive it. In addition, you are provided with the opportunity to use your meat right away instead of waiting for it to defrost once your delivery arrives.

Q: Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?
A: No. All orders are delivered in our insulated boxes that keep your order cold for 24-36 hours from the time it leaves our warehouse Friday morning. Many of our customers take advantage of this and simply come home to their box waiting for them.

Q: My order did not arrive frozen. How do I get a replacement?
A: Your order is not supposed to frozen. West Side Beef processes and delivers everything fresh every week for every order. Other than a select few items, nothing in your order should be frozen. We only freeze certain items like stock, burgers, and sausages the night before shipping in order to protect them during transit. The items that are frozen are denoted in their product description.

Q: Can I put everything into the freezer?
A: Yes. Everything from West Side Beef comes vacuum sealed to maximize freshness and shelf life. It also protects the meat from the harsh environment of the freezer and will result in your meat tasting just as good a month from now as if it was never frozen.

Q: The items seem to be only partially frozen. Can I still put them in my freezer?
A: Yes. Any of your items can go in the freezer. Any freezing/thawing is likely just a result of it being next to other other frozen/fresh items. Everything is still safe to do either freeze or put in your fridge.

Q: If I order today, can I get it tomorrow?
A: Unfortunately we do not offer next day delivery at this time. We only offer deliveries once per week on Fridays between 10am and 6pm as everything is cut, packaged and deliver fresh each week.

Q: Can I skip or cancel my subscription?
A: You can skip or cancel your subscription at any time. You must contact us in order to skip a renewal on your subscription, but you can cancel through your account.

Q: Can I change my subscription?
A: You can change the contents of your subscription at any time through your account or by contacting us.

Q: How do I claim the credit for returning my packaging?
A: You do not have to do anything. Packaging returns are processed every week and issued as a refund to your credit card on the order for which you returned the packaging. For example, if your order number is 1000 you will receive your refund on order 1000. For more information on this click here.

Q: How long can I leave my meat in the fridge?
A: We recommend freezing anything that you are not planning to cook within 48 hours of delivery. While our products typically last longer than that in the fridge, freezing something sooner rather than later is always better as it will taste fresher when you do thaw it, and have a longer shelf life once thawed.

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